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This is a specialist, who has a special pedagogical education and who has a childcare experience (with children 1 to 7 years old). Nanny knows how to care for the child of this age, knows the specifics of the child feed.

Nanny will teach child a self-service and self- care, common rules of behavior and politeness.  She will keep in order in the child room and the neatness of the child cloths.

Nanny will introduce to your child with an environment, in the playing form will give him all the required knowledge and skills, will run with him, play, sing and dance, will lavish care and endearment upon him.

Nanny-nurse (for infants)

These persons have medical education and the experience with infants.   The have a specific skills of the infants care, knows the characteristics of the nursing mother and baby, can make the simple medical manipulation, which are required for the infants care.

Nanny will help to the young mother to organize the regime of nursing, sleep and the walk with baby. She will the development of the baby with accordance of his age, nanny will keep the contact with a pediatrician and will perform the assignments of the specialists. Nanny will lavish care upon the baby and will give mother a chance to restore after the childbirth and return to the professional and social life.


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