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This is a specialist who has a diploma of the courses of the domestic staff and the experience of the managing of a household in big private acres. She knows the basis of the house holding economics, the modern cleaning technologies, can cope with a home equipment of the lat generation, knows the basis of culinary and can cook. Housekeeper can organize the work of the domestic stuff of the lower level (cook, parlor maid etc), she has an experience of preparing, arrange and carrying out of large home events (e.g. banquet, children holidays).

The housekeeper will free the customer out of the worries about house holding, will organize the life and comfort according to the customerís wishes and habits.


This is a person who has an experience of house holding in private persons houses or flats. She knows the modern cleaning technologies, can cope with a home equipment of the lat generation, can care about clothes and linen (the washing, ironing, cleaning), can cook, and able independently organize her house holding duties.

Housemaid keeps the cleanness and order at home, prepares meals, buys the products and controls the bills payments, performs seasonal works (windows cleaning, general cleanings etc).


This is a person, who has a qualification in the sphere of culinary and the experience in the preparing foods for private persons. S/he knows the modern kitchen equipment, can prepare dishes of different difficulties, acquainted with the national and dietary food, and knows how to appoint a table.

Cook is completely responsible for the family meals and for the keeping order in the kitchen and in the dinning room.

Parlor maid

This is a person, who has an experience of cleaning of dwelling premises of the advanced comfort and large spaces.

She knows the modern cleaning technologies, uses the modern cleaning equipment and detergents, knows the techniques of the eco - cleaning, she is able to care of clothes and linen.

Makes the current and general cleaning of the premises, cleaning after repair, washing and ironing linen, goes on small errands.

Out-of-town estate houseman

This is a person who has an experience in the house holding of middle and large private out-of-town acres.

He has knowledge and skills, which are necessary to keep in order and permanently available to the hosts visits the house, auxiliary territories and structures (sauna, gym, pool, green house). He knows about autonomous electric and heating systems, security systems. He can cope with equipment necessary to serve the territory and structures. Can organize work and makes the necessary payment to the domestic personal of the lower level and to the workers of the service companies.

Itís often if the houseman works in pair with housemaid (as a rule it is a couple).


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