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     The program AU - PAIR is the international program within the framework of the project Study and Work. This program offers young men and women an opportunity to spend certain term (from two months up to 2 years) abroad living in family, looking after children and carrying out easy work in the house, and also studying language, traditions and culture of the new country.

     As a rule AU-PAIR work means a care of children and performance of easy work inside the house. Working week makes 30-45 hours, common level of payment (pocket money) is $300 - $500 dollars per month + free lodging, meal,health insurance; sometimes free language corces and public transport tickets.

     For Estonian citizens it is possible to choose practically any European country and also America, Africa (in SAR), Australia. In the European countries term of contract is from 3 months till 2 years, in America, as a rule, the contracts are from 9 months till 2 years. Many families offer opportunity to pay travel expenses, then subtracting this sum from wage payments. Usually, such variants are offered at term of the contract more than 6 months