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      In case if you have decided to become an AU-PAIR, have chosen country, and if you answer to the requirements showed to AU-PAIR , you need to collect all necessary documents, the list is applied (if under the list of the documents you have any questions ask the adviser of our agency) and visit our agency.

Process of search of a place is following:

pu.gif (428 bytes)You fill in agency the application form, to it all necessary documents are added.
pu.gif (428 bytes)Having received your data we begin search for family, suitable for you
pu.gif (428 bytes)When the family is found, and it agrees to accept you, more information about this family is transferred to you. If you agree with this family and this family conditions, the process of registration begins.
pu.gif (428 bytes)On your name must be received an invitation, on the basis of which you can apply for visa.
pu.gif (428 bytes)When the visa is ready and your travel is prepared, you can leave to the country of your future work.