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"English/Finish/Swedish language "High school diploma
"Childcare experience

Briefly about conditions
"Au-pair agreement for 12 months (could be continued in Finland for 6 months)
2 weeks holidays for every 6 months stay   30 hours/week working week
"Weekly pocket money 


       Work for 6 hours a day for 5 days per week (if "Au pair +" - 8h/d)

       Baby-sit for 2 evenings per week

       Have 2 free days a week

       Min 300-350 EUR per months

Each family has different requirements and since the Au Pair is a guest in the family home, it is necessary for the Au pair to be flexible.


In order to place an Au Pair successfully, we require the following:

1) A completed application form

2) 2 good references.

3) A letter written in Finish (if it is possible) or English, introducing yourself to the host family - This should include an introduction of yourself, information on your background, interests/hobbies, relevant experiences.        This letter should be 600 words in length.

4) 4 passport photo and 4 complete photo of you (recent!)

5) A medical certificate, declaring the good health and suitability of the applicant*(medical report attached)

6) Police certificate to verify that the Au Pair does not hold a criminal record

Au Pair duties can include:

Providing alert, responsible childcare.

Involving your host family's children in activities and games that foster positive growth and development.

Preparing meals and snacks for the children, and cleaning up afterwards.

Picking up the children after school.

Doing the children's laundry, as well as your own.

Making the children's beds.

Straightening the children's rooms. Keeping your own living quarters clean 

 Host family expects au pair to:

"Observe family "rules, traditions, and curfews" and set a good example for the children.

"Be ready to work at you’re agreed upon start time, showered, dressed and ready to go.

"Immediately inform the host family of any problems or issues that occur while the children are in your care.

"Act responsible at all times.

"Handle situations maturely.

"Be flexible; living with a family requires adapting to new ways of thinking and doing things.

The Host Family: your obligations and responsibilities.

The host family provides their au pair with:

         A detailed job description, an outline of your au pair's specific responsibilities.

         A reasonable work schedule, which should be given to your au pair before accepting placement.

         Language courses

         A private bedroom.


         Two weeks paid holiday, at a mutually agreed upon time.

         Fair amounts of time off to allow your au pair to pursue personal interests, attend school, and meet new friends.

         Adult supervision for your au pair's first three days (with either an adult host family member, your previous au pair, or another responsible adult) to help her/him adjust to her/his new environment.